Eliminate Slack Data Loss.

Auto-redaction of sensitive data, encrypted data sharing and self-destructing private chats.
Share passwords, private keys, API tokens and more with peace of mind.

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Share Sensitive Data without Compromising Security

Everything stored in our short-term vault is stored encrypted at-rest using AES-256 encryption. We don’t store keys anywhere in our system. When secrets expire, they’re evicted from our system completely, leaving no traces anywhere in our vault, logs, your email, chat, or anywhere else.

Automatic Expiration

ShareSecret expires data after 24 hours, or a maximum of 7 days, completely evicting the data from our system.

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Encrypted At-Rest Storage

All data is encrypted at rest with industry-standard 256-bit AES encryption in our short-term vault.

Zero Key Storage

Encryption keys aren't stored anywhere in our system. No one -- including us -- can view your data.

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Encrypt & Share

How ShareSecret Works

  1. Enter sensitive data into Sharesecret
  2. Share the secure link
  3. Secret can be accessed for 1-7 days (configurable)


Flexible features accommodate all businesses, from early-stage startups to large enterprises.

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Secure Text Secrets

Share passwords, API tokens, private keys, credit cards, and any other sensitive data. All encrypted at rest.

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Secure File Sharing

Securely share sensitive documents like PDFs, zip files, powerpoint / keynote presentations, and anything else.

Slack Integration

Our Slack bot makes it easy to share sensitive data in Slack without compromising security.

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Single Sign-On Integrations

ShareSecret supports Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Okta, Duo, PingIdentity, and more.

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White Labeling

Customize the URL and add your company's logo when sharing data with your customers and colleagues.

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Fine-grained Access Control

Customize the secret TTL in our Short-Term Vault. From 1 hour to 7 days. Longer limits are available for enterprise customers.

Enterprise Support

Expedited phone, email, and chat support is available for enterprise customers.

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Custom Deployments

On-premise deployments and dedicated secret vaults in your data center are available for customers with specific regulatory concerns.

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Service Level Agreements are available for enterprise customers who require availability guarantees.

ShareSecret Keeps You Secure

Best in class secure secret sharing.

Safely Share Sensitive Data

The ShareSecret platform and integrations make it easy to share simple text like passwords, API tokens and private keys, as well files. Our Slack bot makes it easy to share text easily without leaving Slack.

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Prevent Data Loss

Reduce risk of data loss due to malicious actors and simple human mistakes. Never share passwords and other sensitive data in email or chat. Use ShareSecret intead.

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Customizable Access Controls

Customize how long secrets live in our system, from 1 to 7 days, or a one-time-only secret. Once the secret expires, it's erased from our system completely, completely unrecoverable in logs or elsewhere.

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SSO Integration

Integrate with your SSO provider to make integrating with your company's workflow easy and secure. We support Google Apps, Microsoft 365, Okta. Custom SAML, LDAP and Active Directory integrations are available.

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Reduce Compliance Risk

Avoid increased compliance burden by ensuring compliance-scoped data is handled and stored properly in ShareSecret's Short Term Vault.

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Reduce IT Burden

Using ShareSecret to share sensitive data takes burden off your IT department, freeing up valuable resources.

Secure Sharing for the Entire Organization

ShareSecret can be effectively deployed in a variety of departments and job functions.


ShareSecret makes it easy to securely send passwords, access keys, tokens and anything else to members of your team.

  • Passwords
  • Private keys
  • AWS / Google Cloud keypairs
  • API Tokens

Executive Leadership

Regain control of who sees sensitive internal documents. Prevent leaks of unwanted information.

  • Sensitive Financial Data
  • Internal strategy documents
  • Company credit cards and payment information

Customer Support

Support teams often need to handle sensitive customer data in order to resolve customer issues, but sharing and downloading customer personally identifiable information (PII) and potentially more sensitive compliance-scoped data increases the risk of data loss and increases compliance burden.

Cross-Functional Teams

Our Slack Guard technology continuously scans your Slack channels to ensure no sensitive information is accidentally shared. If it is, we immediately alert the sender and give them the opportunity to get that data out of Slack and into an encrypted secret.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can ShareSecret access my data?

No. All ShareSecret data is encrypted at rest, and we don’t store the keys anywhere in our system. The keys to decrypt secret data are encrypted and encoded in the link we return to you. Only the person who creates the secret can access it, along with the people they share it with.

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How is my data kept safe?

ShareSecret encrypts all data with AES-256 bit symmetric encryption with randomly generated keys. The keys to decrypt a secret are embedded in the link we return to you, encrypted and encoded with a different set of keys.

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How many seats/users/licenses do I need?

A seat in ShareSecret represents a person who can login to ShareSecret and create secrets. That person can share the data with as many people as they like.

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What kind of data can I use ShareSecret to store and share?

You can use ShareSecret to store passwords, secret keys, API tokens, customer data, credit cards, bank account numbers, or anything else you ned to temporarily share with someone else.

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How long does my data live in the ShareSecret vault?

When you store data in our short-term vault, you specify the amount of time it should be stored, from 1 to 7 days. After that period, your data is removed from our system completely.

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I lost the link. Can you regenerate it?

Unfortunately, we can't. When you encrypt and store data in ShareSecret, the secure link we return to you is the only copy. We don't store the link or the encryption keys anywhere in our system. In designing the ShareSecret security protocols in this way, we've traded some ease of use for increased security.

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